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Cherubs are beautifully winged celestial beings that have inspired much of the artwork we see today from home decorative items like table lamps to cherub inspired furnishings to garden accents that employ the cherub theme. Whether you are seeking a classical perspective to the walls or simply love the richly detailed Gothic decorative theme, our cherub wall plaques may make a warm celestial addition. Our cherub wall decor features unique cherub corbels and brackets as well as cherub wall plaques that bring not only childish innocence to the garden but adds an aura of culture and classical style to your wall decor projects.


Set of Cherub Seasons Plaques

Cherub Wall Face Plaque

Cherub Decorative Corbel

Large Cherub Wall Sculpture

Set of Cherub Seasons Plaques, $225.00 #85310 Set of 2 Cherub Wall Sconces,  $250.00 #2740  Cherub Wall Face Plaque, $85.00 #11072    Cherub Decorative Corbel, $69.95 #1690A    Large Cherub Wall Sculpture, $139.95 #29151   
Victorian Cherub Corbel Music Cherub Plaques Large Wall Putto - Left
Victorian Cherub Corbel, $85.00 #11071     Music Cherub Plaques, $159.95 #852     Large Wall Putto - Left, $110.00 #1242     Large Wall Putto - Right, $110.00 #1243   Large Wall Putto - Right, $110.00 #1241