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Cherubs are angelic and celestial beings close to the kingdom of God. Our love for cherubs have been demonstrated with an array of cherub decorations such as cherub statues and cherub figurines made of resin and concrete, cherub water fountains including cherub wall fountains, resin cherub vases and urns and indoor cherubs that include delightful cherub candle holders and cherub wall decor as well as cherub plaques for the home.

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Praying CherubsMany of us like the look of praying cherubs in the home or garden.




Some experts classify cherubs or cherubim as the Hebrews term them, as winged beings, close to angels who are also considered as guardian spirits. In the book of Ezekiel, cherubs are seen holding the throne and chariot of God. Their pudgy faces topped with delightful rosy cheeks and delightful innocence have inspired much of the medieval European art. Because they imbue so much cultural and religious meaning, we are pleased to offer selections that add a unique charm to the home and garden while setting an inspiration and peaceful presence.



 Visit Cherub Statues and Sculptures Catalog for Beautiful Home and Garden Cherubs Sculptures. 

Our garden cherub statues catalog feature resin and concrete cherub garden statues from praying cherubs to cherubs with doves and even kissing cherubs. Whether you are seeking small or large cherub statues, our garden cherubs add a unique theme to the garden.



Our range of garden cherubs include small and large cherub statues and cherub sculptures for the garden.

Garden Cherubs


Our indoor cherubs include cherub statues and cherub figurines which add color and depth to your decorating needs like this cute cherub figurine shown in a sleeping pose, a picture of innocence and a heavenly addition! Also visit for sleeping angels and heavenly cherub figurines as gifts.

Our cherub figurines catalog features small cherub statues and cherub sculptures that add a unique classical theme for those seeking quality cherub decorations for the home and office decor. Our cherub figurines also includes cherubs with speak no evil, hear no evil and see no evil themes and even unique cherub lamps and night lights.

Cherub Figurines

Bird feeders add a whimsical touch to the garden, and our angel and cherub bird feeders including angel cherubs, add a unique character to both the patios and garden. Also discover classical bird baths for the garden.

Our angel bird feeders and cherub bird baths add a unique decorative theme to the garden. Visit our catalog for unique resin bird baths and angel bird feeders that add a divine addition to the garden.

Angel and Cherub Bird Feeders


Our cherub fountains are replete from unique cherub water fountains, small indoor cherub tabletop fountains to cherub fountain statues. We even feature classic cherub wall fountains both for home and garden decorations.


Whether you are seeking cherub fountains, cherub tabletop fountains or large cherub fountains, our cherub fountains catalogs aims to incorporates all cherub fountains from cherub fountain statues to large estate cherub fountains.

Cherub Fountains


Add a classic statement with choices in cherub vases and cherub urns. Cherubs are thought to play a significant role in the arts and sculptures of the European world. Much of the cherub theme has been incorporated in the Italian and Greek arts even till today.

Creat a unique cherub theme with our select choice in cherub vases and cherub urns.

Cherub Vases and Urns

For those who love the choice of concrete statues, we have displayed a concrete cherub statues with a humorous and sometimes inspiring personality like our gardening cherub who loves to spend time in the gardener and the hardworking cherub statue who seems to spend time with a quiet read.

 For those who prefer cement cherub statues or concrete cherub statues, consider our selections on uniquely cherub statues that add a unique dimension to the garden and home entrances. Several finishes apply to select concrete cherub statues and figurines.

Concrete Cherubs

Reading cherubs are beautiful and inspiring additions to make to a garden. They also make popular graduation and student gifts and certainly, as an inspirational choice for a devoted teacher. Visit our reading cherubs statues catalog.

Reading Cherub Statue

Reading Cherubs


Cherub wall decor complements well a Victorian and classical theme. Discover cherub wall decor with unique cherub wall plaques, cherub reliefs and unique cherub garden tiles made of fiberglass resin.

 Our cherub wall decorations add a classic touch to the home and include a variety of Italian cherub plaques and cherub wall plaques that embody a touch of the heaven!

Cherub Wall Decor

Angels and Cherubs Decor


Garden Cherub with Dove

Cherub with Dove,$82.00, #19788  

Cherubs are often seen close to nature, with a bird or bunny.


Sleeping Baby Cherub Statue

Sleeping Cherub,

$38.00 #20546



Set of Cherub Seasons Plaques

Set of 2 Cherub Seasons Plaques,

$225.00 #853

Cherubs inspired much of the European wall decor as we see them. These pudgy little beings that we call affectionately "cherubs" have also been associated closely with the seasons.

Accent with our range of cherub vases and cherub urns including tall vases and urns that add decorative statement for the home that loves a himt of Victorian decor or even the lavish Baroque decor. Also discover cherub planters that hold stately bowls for displaying your florals and greens.

Cherub vases and urns add a decorative statement for the home and garden; visit for indoor cherub vases and decorative garden cherub planters and urns.

Visit our Cherub Vases and Urns Catalog



Cherubs have fascinated European culture for centuries. The medieval European culture has always drawn the appeal of the cherubim into the many works of art that include home furnishings, artworks and paintings as well as architectural foundations of the Victorian and neo-classical homes. And cherubs are lavishly and articulately depicted in much of the Gothic and Baroque decor interwoven into richly detailed corbels and brackets as well as making up much of the decorative aspects of a warm fireplace or adding a decorative accent for a furniture or sofa seat. Because cherubs are noted to be celestial beings close to heaven credited with being the eight of the nine orders in the hierarchy of angels, they have become a favorite theme for much of the European furnishings which choose to envelope a little innocent and certainly, heavenly charm to their creations. Glorious cherubs, beautifully detailed with the innocence of a happy child or puttis as the Italians term them, are often denoted with peaceful and happy facial delineations usually that of a child angel with wings....fat pudgy little beings whose presence are revered and provide inspiration for indoor and outdoor decor. CherubAccents.com offers a glorious selection of angel and cherub statues and accents for the home and garden.

Our choice of sleeping angels includes our Sleeping Angel Baby Statues

Perhaps it is the wondrous and peaceful look that sleeping angels connote but our selections of such angels make them so lovely they are hard to resist. See our Sleeping Angels collections.



Sleeping CherubsAnd then there are of course our sleeping cherub statues, delightful pudgy puttis or amorinis who will invite a peaceful addition to the home or garden. Our sleeping cherubs comes on a finial, on a pedestal or simply do nicely alone. See our Sleeping Cherubs Catalog.




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